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Lines of work

Investor Relations

We defend market reputations and build strategies that close the gap between a stock’s fair price and its market price.

From shareholder identification to the developing of Equity Stories a, we advice on how to apply the top communication standards, always making sure our clients are prepared to deal with the rules and processes demanded by regulatory authorities.

Financial and Business Communications

We translate the strategic and business plans of companies with financial interests into the language of investor media. We work to disseminate.

We protect the reputational position of stock-listed and private companies. We have advised on M&A operations, debt issuances and financing rounds, apart from all sorts of corporate campaigns. The Project uses PR Tech, AI and Data Analysis to reach global media access to clients.

Defence Communications

We work with Strategic Intelligence companies in the United States and the European Union to craft and deliver information campaigns that protect clients’ interests and help de-risk client investments and projects.