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The Paloma Project team is built upon a senior team, experienced in the
Investor Relations and Financial Communications disciplines, and lead by
professionals selected from the world of global media, with major successes in
their track records.

We are not only executors, but thinkers, and we thrive in crisis environments
where the future of the markets is at stake. Such as now.

We expect you to be our next success case, but until then, we are proud of:

Being lead by the sole international professional worldwide recognized by the Investor Relations Society of the UK with its prestigious Diploma in IR.

Having defined the strategy behind the top stock market success in the whole of Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic and its Paris and NY listings.

Having work for some of the most significant known investment brands globally.

Having written for global media outlets such as the international version of The New York Times, El País, Reforma and La Nación.


Ra. Pedrosa DIR CIR is the founder of The Paloma Project.

He is the only international professional outside the United Kingdom to have obtained the prestigious Diploma in Investor Relations by the Investor Relations Society of the United Kingdom.

He has designed and managed IR and Financial PR campaigns in the European, American and Latin American markets.

Since 2018, he is the professional behind the IR strategy of, Europe top performing stock, and the fourth bestperforming stock in the world.

He was a pioneer in the introduction of global media data analysis for Financial PR in the Spanish-speaking world.

He has advised public listings, M&A operations, debt issuances and financing rounds.

He started his career as a journalist in 1997, and he was a foreign correspondent for the Spanish News Agency EFE in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, the United Kingdom and Japan, specialized in covering the stock market and defence affairs.

Since 2005, he has been a writer for global media outlets, such as The International Herald Tribune (The New York Times), the South China Morning Post, La Nación, El País or El Sol. He lived for almost a decade in Mexico City and in Spain, and is now based in Malta.