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ServiCIng the Financial & Defence Industries

Incorporated in London, and with teams around the world, The Paloma Project is a strategic communications company servicing the investment, financial and defence industries.

The Paloma Project consultants rank among the top experts in the Investor Relations, Financial and Defence Communications fields, and have years of experience in the use of Media Management and Strategic Design fields and the use AI, Machine Learning and Data Analysis as PR tools.

Our mission is to guarantee that our clients’ narrative is understood in full and globally disseminated.

COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a change in the development of new communications channels, and will challenge the way companies approach new markets, new clients and new strategic goals

It is now our job to help our clients embrace these new challenges and reach their goals.


A unique process for post COVID-19 times

When pandemic started, we became obsessed with one mantra: “To succeed, companies must turn light, fast, global and digital”.

We abide by that concept, which allows us to offer a world-class, international service without geographic or vertical restrictions.

With expert IR and Financial PR teams located in London, Chicago, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Qatar, Malta or Madrid, we craft global media and investor communication efforts and surgically execute them to guarantee client success. Those teams are assisted by technology and data analysis experts in New York and the UK.

Technology gives us an industry edge in the markets where we operate and permit us to track our clients’ reputation and their competition performance in real-time.